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Kin Dee Thai Cuisine

About us

Kin Dee Thai Cuisine

Kin Dee’s cuisine is a truly authentic representation of Thailand through its unique flavors, its ingredients, and overall vision. Focused on made-from-scratch, authentic, and primarily noodle-based dishes, Kin Dee delivers native cuisine exactly like it’s served in Thailand. The 30-dish menu of approachable adventurous dishes is priced anywhere between $9 and $24. Inspired by four different regions of Thailand, dishes served at Kin Dee include: “Money Bags”, Thai Crispy Shrimp in a Blanket, Northern Style Coconut Chicken Curry Noodles and Thai Boat Noodle Soup.

The Beverages

Kin Dee’s beverage menu boasts 13 signature cocktails – each inspired by and designed to pair perfectly with one of the 13 signature entrees. Concocted with a decidedly Thai flair, cocktails include the Tom Yum, a Thai twist on a classic Texas margarita, the Mango Sticky Rice, a play on the well-known Thai dessert, and the Phuket, a sour twist on a pineapple flavored drink. Kin Dee also serves a selection of wine, draft beer, and Thai beer.

The Ambiance

Space is a mix of modern and traditional Thai design concepts, boasting an airy feel combined with an urban aesthetic. The beaming interior space serves as a modern tropical eatery, highlighted by a full-wall elephant mural, representative of Thailand’s strength through history. Red hues are seen throughout the restaurant and are inspired by the Thai chili pepper, which is a signature Thai ingredient that is used in several dishes on the Kin Dee menu. The bar seats 14, and the lounge space around the bar offers a laid-back place to relax and is also available to reserve for private events.