Kin Dee in The Heights: This is Thai food so beautiful it belongs in a museum

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HOUSTON, Texas -- Lukkaew Srasrisuwan and Miranda Loetkhamfu left Thailand and moved to America to follow their dreams. Now they have their dream job - sharing authentic Thai cuisine that's delicious and Instagram-worthy. The friends met in Houston, Texas in 2014 and decided to open a restaurant that would serve their favorite dishes from childhood. But after a year of planning, the friends were forced to get creative and open the restaurant in the middle of a pandemic.

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The charmingly stylish Heights spot for regional Thai cuisine has some superb menu items. For a recent takeout meal I had the coconut-sweet Southern-style curry, and my kids wolfed down the glass noodles with vegetables like carrots and bok choy. Kin Dee rivals the best Thai restaurants in the city.

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— Timothy Malcolm

Curbside Chronicles: Kin Dee in the Heights is delicate and precise

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The Khao Soi northern-style curry had a velvet-textured coconut chicken leg quarter as its centerpiece and a flock of textural elements: shredded cabbage, slivered shallot, thin crisped noodles wrapped up into a bronzy knot, slidy egg noodles running underneath. Its pink-flushed yellow curry sauce had a lilt and dimension that come from a mortar and pestle, not a can.

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— Alison Cook

A Few Fun Surprises Make Kin Dee Worth a Deeper Look


THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I’ve ever been face to face with pad Thai tucked inside an omelet. It’s a warm, but inviting afternoon on the patio at Kin Dee, and I’m excited to be out tasting new food. Especially this food, because it’s pad Thai tucked inside an omelet.

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— Timothy Malcolm